Craving coffee — stop by Seattle. Wanting wine — cruise to California. But when you want a¬†great beer you know you need to visit Portland. We’ll start our brew pub tours here and leave when we’ve had our fill! Did you know that the city of Portland has more breweries (in the city limits) than any other city in the world? Tell that to a Belgian or German and witness the confusion (maybe anger) on their face. It is a little fun — really it is… Anyway, everyone knows Portland Oregon is a superb city for fantastic beer and food.

Oregon was long known for growing hops and brewing beer. It only makes sense that breweries and microbreweries would boom in this place. Easy access to world-class ingredients and a beer drinking culture are the perfect mix. With the explosion of American micro-brew beers, the beer market changed along with the tastes. Restaurants and breweries were adapting with each other for a sophistication of flavors. Portland, being known for fantastic food and beer met the demand and adapted.

One of the best ways to try a brew pub is through a sampler tray often called a flight. This is a great way to try several beers and remember what you tasted the next day. When we visit the pubs we will try a variety of flavors and colors — including light and hoppy to dark and sweet.